three Finest Methods to Use Important Oils Safely on Pores and skin


As the name suggests, essential oils are one of the most important natural ingredients for any skin or hair care routine. But there is one thing about these oils that you cannot apply directly to your skin. Use it with either a regular carrier oil or a moisturizer. We recently got our hands on the lavender and lemongrass essential oils from Bellavita Organic and they have naturally added scent and goodness to the skin as they have tons of beauty benefits.Also Read – 3 Anti Aging Essential Oils That Can Provide You With Youthful Skin

These essential oils are naturally extracted from plants and flowers. They have a wide variety of health benefits, from skin care to stress relief. The most common way to use these essential oils is to inhale them either straight from the bottle or through a diffuser or humidifier. If you want to use it on your body then dilute essential oils with olive oil and apply them directly to your skin. Also Read – 3 Face Oils Every Woman Should Know To Get Perfect Skin

  • Essential oils can be used to make candles, soaps, and disinfectants at home. We recommend using 30 drops of essential oils for a single 8 ounce candle.
  • If you add a few drops of lavender oil to your bathtub before bathing, you will be relaxed for a moment. Trust us, it is one of the wonderful flavors and it is also used in aromatherapy.
  • The therapeutic scents of the essential oils calm your mind and instantly improve your mood. They are known to relieve stress and anxiety, and also help with healthy sleep. We tried mixing the lavender oil with a moisturizer and applying it all over the body. It moisturizes the skin and helps prevent irritation.

Check out this video to check out the process

Bellavita essential oils are extremely affordable and also combat several skin-related problems. You too can indulge in these oils to lift your spirits. Also Read – These essential oils are filled with incredible beauty benefits

(Disclaimer: These products were best for the author’s skin. We recommend that you only try these products if you know your skin type)