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Home Fitness Two years after fireplace, Scheller’s Health & Biking returns to St. Matthews

Two years after fireplace, Scheller’s Health & Biking returns to St. Matthews


LOUISVILLE, Kentucky (WAVE) – Two years after a fire ripped through a St. Matthews mall and forced companies to relocate, one of those companies is back.

Thursday marked two years since that fire. Since then, Scheller’s Fitness & Cycling has reopened at this location alongside a few other stores. Co-owner Marty Scheller told WAVE 3 News that he remembered the call in June 2019 that the building was on fire and had been precipitated.

“I really expected something manageable,” said Scheller. “When I looked and saw all the excitement and all the things that were going on in the parking lot, I thought, ‘Oh, this is really happening.’ This is like a serious event that won’t work and just take a broom and mop, fix it in a couple of days, and go back to it. “

Scheller said he watched firefighters fight to control the fire for more than two hours. When he arrived, he said he had noticed people taking bicycles from the store so they would not be damaged.

“There was a chain of people, firefighters inside and people outside, getting those bikes out,” he said.

A total of 60 bicycles were rescued.

In the meantime, Scheller said, he and his brother were discussing their options for moving the store temporarily. They weren’t sure if they could even return to the building or if it needed to be demolished.

Schellers suffered some fire damage, but mostly smoke and water damage. The fire department discovered that the fire was an accident and started a few doors down at Simply Mac, caused by a fluorescent lamp that had failed in the store.

Scheller said they had been working in other locations the entire time. They found a temporary spot on Westport Road shortly after the fire, but the COVID-19 pandemic hit six months later.

“Our inventory was flushed very quickly, as was the case for the entire industry within probably three months, pretty well the entire bike business in North America and really many parts of the world were sold out,” said Scheller.

A few months ago, Scheller and his brother opened the doors to their 7,624 square meter location on Breckenridge Lane in a completely new look.

“It was like coming home,” said Scheller.

Scheller’s Fitness & Cycling opened its new store on Breckenridge Lane two years after a fire destroyed the building.(WAVE 3 messages)

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