Yasmin Karachiwala’s Instagram vs actuality video is all about health bloopers | Well being


Working out is not as smooth as it is shown in the videos on Instagram. Working out comes with its own set of failures, bloopers and injuries. Not having a proper guidance or a trainer in fitness can lead to severe injuries as well. Bollywood actor Katrina Kaif’s trainer Yasmin Karachiwala, who is known to train a lot of celebrities of the tinsel town, shared a video of herself and gave us glimpses of how she also makes mistakes in fitness sometimes.

Yasmin, who is known for sharing fitness routine on her Instagram profile with steps and procedures on how to perform them, shared a rather different video on her timeline, a day back. Yasmin’s Instagram profile is otherwise dedicated to all things fitness. Yasmin loves to share snippets of her own home workout diaries and also that of the celebrities that she trains.

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Yasmin, a day back, shared a video compilation of the perfection in Instagram fitness posts, and the imperfections that fitness goes through in reality. In the beginning of the video, Yasmin can be seen working out by performing squats while holding a movable rod. In the reality part of it, Yasmin can be seen expressing pain due to muscle fatigue. Then, Yasmin can be seen sharing a cute blooper of being interrupted by her pet pooch in the middle of a workout routine. In the end of the video, Yasmin can be seen walking on her palms while balancing her feet on a cardio ball. However, she can be seen slipping off and falling on the floor. “Everything is not always as smooth as it seems,” wrote Yasmin.

Satefy and guidance are extremely important in fitness. It helps in optimizing the health benefits of a fitness routine, and also helps in reducing the risk of injuries. It also helps in performing a routine to perfection.

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