6 Superb Older Girls Placing Us Younger to Disgrace with Health Objectives


Amazing Older Women: The phrase “age is just a number” is not just a word, it is also proven by several women that age is just a three letter word and it cannot stop you from living your life. We cannot stop living with age, but we can fully enjoy our lives as we get older. Several older women have accepted their increasing age and have continued to do what their hearts desire, including being fit.

There are several examples of older women who are so fit that many people of the younger generation can only guess how fit they are. Here are six such older women who shame us young with their fitness goals:

Weightlifter grandma

83-year-old Kiran Bai, also known as the weightlifting grandma on social media, does fitness stunts with weights that most of the younger generation couldn’t even grasp. After being inactive due to injury, the 83-year-old turned to dumbbells and weights with the help of her grandson to keep fit. She said she remembers the good old days when she was fearless and active while lifting weights.

Bowling grandma

This grandma went viral on Twitter after throwing a clean slap at the bowling alley in her saree. After her fantastic throw she turned around and wrung her hands if the throw was not difficult for her. Her fitness and athletic ability proved that age is only a number and that anything can only be achieved if you try.

Warrior Aaji

85-year-old Pune grandma named Shanta Balu Pawar, affectionately known as “Warrior Aaji” went viral after juggling sticks in a saree on the street. She announced that she has been practicing martial arts since she was eight and using her skills as a livelihood for her family. Later, actor Sonu Sood helped Warrior Aaji set up her own martial arts and self-defense academy.

Usha Soman

81-year-old fitness guru Usha Soman is an inspiration to many as she can often be seen jumping, running marathons, and push-ups on social media. Milind Soman’s mother did fifteen pushups on her 81st birthday and the video was shared by Milind Soman on his Instagram account. She is described by her son as a fitness addict and named an inspiration by Shilpa Shetty and Arjun Rampal.

Girija Venkatesan

Girija Venkatesan, a 70-year-old woman from Chennai, starts her day with a 50km bike ride and is also a master swimmer and successful artist. Venkatesan takes at least two trips a year, enjoys meeting new people and breaking stereotypes as she believes we only have one life and should live it the way we want while following our hearts.

Ernestine Schäfer

Famous under the name “the benching golden girl”? Ernestine Shepherd is an 85-year-old American bodybuilder. Shepherd was named the world’s oldest competitive female bodybuilder at the age of 74. Although she has now stopped participating in tournaments, she is still an active bodybuilder and works as a personal trainer, all at the age of 85.