From Cashew Labneh to Strawberry Beet Cinnamon Smoothie: Our High Eight Vegan Recipes of the Day!


Ready, set, recipes! Here are our just released freshly made recipes in one convenient place! These are the best vegan recipes of the day, and now a part of the thousands of recipes on ours Food Monster App! Our latest recipes include cashew labneh and smoothies. So if you’re looking for something new and tasty, these recipes are for you!

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1. Cashew Labneh

Source: Cashew Labneh

Labneh is a tangy, thick and creamy yogurt cheese from Lebanon. It’s traditionally made from camel or goat milk and is extremely addicting. Whenever I drove to northern Israel near the Lebanese border, we would stop at one of the many Druze stalls where friendly grandmothers sold the most delicious Labneh Laffa (flat bread). This vegan version of Cashew Labneh by Kirsten Kaminski combines soy and cashew nuts with a tangy lemon flavor to mimic that sour taste. Sprinkle with some za’atar and add to your mezze table. Reprinted with permission from The Traveling Vegan Cookbook by Kirsten Kaminski, Page Street Publishing, Co. 2021. Copyright: Kirsten Kaminski.

2. Strawberry, beet and cinnamon smoothie

Source: Strawberry, Beet and Cinnamon Smoothie

Boost your exercise routine with this delicious and nutritious smoothie! This strawberry, beet and cinnamon smoothie by Claire Ragozzino is ideal for muscle regeneration. Nitrogen-rich vegetables like beets help increase blood flow to muscles, which speeds up your recovery time and increases your energy levels. The bananas contain potassium to prevent muscle cramps, the flax provides good fats with heart-healthy omegas, hemp provides a small protein boost and cinnamon helps the pancreas to metabolize the sugar from the beet / fruit.

3. Tahini with 6 ingredients, hemp seeds and basil dressing

Vegan 6-ingredient tahini, hemp seed and basil dressing

Source: 6-ingredient tahini, hemp seeds and basil dressing

Many people these days are allergic or sensitive to nuts and are looking for more nut-free dressings to pour over their salads. They tend to be easier to digest and easier to digest. Tahini and hemp seeds are delicious on their own, but they taste even better when combined. With the addition of fresh basil, this 6-ingredient tahini, hemp seed and basil dressing from Olivia Budgen is incredibly delicious. It’s also high in protein and healthy fats, which makes it very filling and nutritious – not to mention super creamy!

4. Healthy spelled, oat, chia, and flaxseed chips

Vegan healthy spelled, oat, chia and flaxseed chips

Source: Healthy Spelled, Oat, Chia, and Flax Seed Chips

These healthy spelled, oat, chia and flaxseed chips from Julie Zimmer are a nice change from the varieties bought in the store. Made from three different types of seeds, spelled flour and oatmeal, they’re good for you and high in fiber. You don’t need a dehydrator to make these chips, just a basic oven, rolling pin, and baking sheet. They taste good on their own or you can enjoy them with dips, soups or as a starter with your favorite hearty dishes.

5. Chocolate Buckwheat Pancakes

Vegan chocolate buckwheat pancakes

Source: Chocolate Buckwheat Pancakes

Chocolate for breakfast? Include us. These Namita Tiwari Chocolate Buckwheat Pancakes are delicious, enriched with banana, and so delicious!

6. Coconut tapioca pudding with caramelized bananas

Vegan coconut tapioca pudding with caramelized bananas

Source: Coconut Tapioca Pudding with Caramelized Bananas

You may remember tapioca from your children’s snacks? Here’s an improved version of coconut pudding. This Coconut Tapioca Caramelized Banana Pudding by Claire Ragozzino is made with creamy coconut milk, cardamom, caramelized bananas, and cocoa nibs for a little texture. Tapioca, made from the cassava plant, is loaded with iron, calcium, folic acid, and manganese. Much like chia, it can absorb several times its own weight in fluid, making it a moisturizing snack option. Grab a spoon and try this vegan tapioca pudding!

7. Classic wheat-free waffles

Vegan classic wheat-free waffles

Source: Classic Wheat Free Waffles

These waffles are quick, easy, and can be topped with anything from fruit to chocolate sauce! These waffles are absolutely delicious. You’ll love these classic Holly Jade wheat-free waffles!

8. Singaporean pineapple tarts

Vegan pineapple tarts from Singapore

Source: Singaporean Pineapple Tarts

Pineapple tarts are a Southeast Asian treat that originated in Malaysia and Singapore. These Singaporean pineapple tarts by Zoe and Mia Lau are typically eaten during the Chinese New Year celebrations. These extremely delicious, buttery puff pastries filled with caramelized pineapple jam come in all shapes and variations. In this version, the rich pastry jar is made from almond flour and tapioca flour and is perfectly complemented by a homemade spiced fruit jam, which makes this an elegant and delicious treat for family and friends.

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