Health fanatic Anil Kapoor chooses to ‘out dash’ his issues; watch


Fitness lover Anil Kapoor recently added strength to his workout routine. The 64-year-old was spotted sprinting on a running track giving us big fitness goals in the process.

“You say that you cannot escape your problems, but I will do my best to always surpass mine,” he captioned the post.

The Dil Dhadkne Do performer has been a regular sprinter and has even shared similar videos on previous occasions.

This is why sprinting is different from running

While running and sprinting are high-intensity exercises that use the same muscle groups, the difference is in speed. Sprinting is a more powerful, faster form of running that should only be done in short bursts.

The biggest difference between running and sprinting is pulling your knees up with your toes pulled up to increase stride length, which results in a higher speed, according to Additionally, landing on your forefoot while sprinting reduces an eccentric brake (slowdown) on contact and ultimately helps you move forward faster, they say.

Here’s why sprinting is beneficial for you

It’s an excellent cardiovascular exercise, increases stamina, burns more calories faster in a short period of time, stimulates metabolism, and continues to burn calories even after a workout.

What are your fitness goals?

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