Kadhi Recipes: Right here Are 7 Greatest Picks From Throughout India


Kadhi is one of the most popular Indian dishes. Not only are they cooked in Indian households, but they are popular in restaurants across the country. The best thing about kadhi is that it’s not just one dish, but a whole range of sauces made from curd or besan and other ingredients. While we can enjoy rich spices with pakodas with a Punjabi-Kadhi, a Gujarati-Kadhi with ingredients like quark, jaggery and curry leaves will give us simple pleasure. Since the recipes vary from state to state, it becomes all the more interesting to know the different kadhis made in India.

Here are 7 regional kadhi recipes to cook in your own kitchen:

1) Punjabi Kadhi Pakodi

It’s a creamy sauce made from gram flour, spices and chillies. The pakodas are also made from gram flour and dipped in the sauce for a delicious meal with roti or rice.

This kadhi is creamy

2) Gujarati Kadhi

This is a light meal as it uses ingredients like cottage cheese, ginger, jaggery, curry leaves, and a pinch of asafoetida or hung. Season with a tadka mustard seeds and chillies.


It’s easy to get

3) Maharashtrian Kadhi

The Maharashtrian Kadhi is a good summer meal made with steamed rice. Fry the methi, hung, curry leaves, ginger-garlic paste and chillies in a pan. Add a smooth batter made of cottage cheese and besan.


Make this delicious treat

4) Rajasthani Kadhi

The rich flavors of Rajasthan drip from this dish. Make the quark besan kadhi with turmeric and salt. Add a tadka made from cumin and fenugreek seeds with dried red chillies. Eat it with jeera pulao and tofu palak pakoda

5) Sindhi Kadhi

This Sindhi recipe is a harmonious blend of creamy sauce and spicy vegetables. Fry the seeds and spices before adding the besan mixture. Add tomatoes, kokum and other vegetables.


Try this delicious kadhi

6) Garhwali Kadhi

The Garhwali Kadhi is a healthy and tasty recipe based on millet. Instead of besan, use millet paste to make a smooth batter with curd cheese. Cook with spices and serve hot.


It’s healthy and delicious

7) Aamras Kadhi

A delicious dish made from raw mango puree and buttermilk that will melt every gourmand’s heart. Add besan, spices, and chillies to thicken and flavor it.

Try these kadhi recipes at home and add a regional twist to your meals.