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Korff Health & Wellness Heart in Hebron


LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – A 17,000-square-foot exercise center is offering a boost to the quality of life in south central Nebraska, and it’s thanks to a man who wanted to give back to his hometown.

We visited with Rita Luongo, who is the foundations and development director at Thayer County Health Services. She says the fitness center is thanks to Glenn Korff. “He was a native from Hebron, and he grew up here,” Luongo said. “When he passed away in 2013, we were looking for a project. If you knew Glenn, fitness was always a part of his life. A wellness center just seemed to fit with his story, as well as something he could do for his hometown that would have a positive effect on the people living here today, as well as generations to come.”

The Korff legacy continues around the state, and in Hebron. “Most people have heard of the Glenn Korff School of Music at the University of Nebraska,” Luongo said. “But, the estate has also had an impact at Doane University. He’s also done things in other parts of the state, other states, as well as in Boulder, where he lived until his death in 2013. No matter where Glenn lived, he never forgot his hometown of Hebron.”

As you might imagine, the fitness center is used in a number of ways. “We have free weights, cardio equipment and an aerobic room,” Luongo said. “The public can have a membership here, and they can use it 24/7. There’s a heated lap pool that can be used during staff hours. We also have the rehab services here. We offer corporate wellness, too. We do health screenings for some of the bigger county corporations. If people are at risk of developing a chronic disease, we have personal trainers and life coaches that work with them to try to reduce their risk.”

“To be honest, this facility would probably not be here if it wasn’t for the generosity of Glenn Korff’s estate, and his brother wanting this to be a legacy to Glenn in his hometown,” Luongo said. “But we have all ways we can have an impact, so I hope this inspires others to look at what they can do. Maybe not on this scale, but every little bit helps, and can have an impact.”

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