Lohri 2022: From Palak Patta Chaat To Matar Kebab – 5 Simple Snack Recipes To Rejoice


Lohri is just around the corner and the excitement is in the air to celebrate this day! While we sit by the fire with a mixture of popcorn, dried fruit and makhanas on a plate, we can’t help but share our joy by singing and dancing! This festival is mainly celebrated in the northern parts of the country. Lohri marks the end of the sowing season for winter crops like Rabi, which are now ready for harvest. Surya, the sun god, is honored during the festival. This day also marks the end of the winter solstice. Although Lohri is one of the biggest and first celebrations of the New Year, it is not complete without delicious food. Many families cook different recipes to enjoy with their families. So, this Lohri, if you want to prepare something quick and tasty, we have five indispensable snack recipes for you.

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5 snack recipes for Lohri 2022:

1. Palak Patta Chaat

We admit it; We always slurp when we think of those crispy fried spinach leaves with tempting chutneys. To say a plate of crispy, flavorful Palak Patta Chaat is a treat is an understatement. Make this recipe and serve it to your guests to impress them.

2. Makki Roti Toastie

The winter harvest is the focus of the Lohri special feast, and sarson ka saag and makki ki roti are the two most popular dishes that are always served. However, we’ve given this classic recipe a twist by making some delicious makki ki roti toasties.


3. Classic Til Ladoo

If you enjoy Ladoo during the festival season, try this Til Ka Ladoo made from toasted sesame, jaggery and saffron.


4. Matar kebab

What would a party be without delicious kebabs? Here’s a flavorful, delicious green pea kebab recipe that sets the tone for the evening. This recipe is easy to make and uses only a few basic ingredients.

5. Gur-til cake

Make this gur-and-til cake for an after-dinner dessert when you want to serve your kids something special while keeping the dish healthy at the same time. If you don’t want to eat eggs on Lohri Day, you can leave them out when preparing this recipe.


So what are you waiting for? Try these recipes and let us know which one you liked the most!