Nutraceutical startup Fitday to speculate Rs 25 Cr in vitamin gummies section


Hyderabad-based omnichannel nutraceutical startup Fitday will invest Rs 25 crore in the gummy bear segment this financial year following the introduction of seven vitamin gums for the Indian market.

The global gummy vitamins market is projected to reach $ 10.6 billion by 2025. To further expand its reach, Fitday will try to educate more people about the benefits of nutraceuticals.

In a variety of herbal, mineral and vitamin options, the new gummies are DHA + multivitamin (gummies for kids), biotin, vitamin C, ashwagandha, Korean ginseng, calcium, vitamin D3, ginger licorice tulsi (cold and flu gums ) and iron folic acid.

Fitday is aimed at consumers who are increasingly following a vegetarian and vegan diet. The gummies are made from vegetable pectin and not gelatin.

“We are proud to start such a trend. During the pandemic in particular, it was obviously necessary to increase immunity in children and adults. Vitamins in the form of gums are a fun and tasty way to provide the body with essential nutritional supplements, ”said Suresh Raju, founder of Fitday.

“In 2019, FSSAI regulation didn’t even recognize gummy bears because India’s list of food categorization codes doesn’t make them an option. Since it’s an old fashion trend in the western world, we provided them with research and wrote to them several times to record it. Much to our delight, the FSSAI eventually gummy bears added to the code list, ”he added.

Fitday’s focus is on introducing pleasant tasting nutritional supplements that are convenient and interesting to consume. The company wanted to capitalize on growing awareness of on-the-go nutritional supplements to combat the increasing incidence of vitamin deficiencies and malnutrition.

The company said it aims to serve the segment of the higher population group of older adults who are at high risk for chronic diseases due to vitamin deficiencies. Genomelabs (parent company), which makes for Fitday, will introduce more research-based gums in the future.