Protein Day 2021: 5 Basic Excessive-Protein Indian Recipes You Ought to Attempt At the moment  



  • Protein is called the building block of life
  • Protein helps build muscle
  • Eating a high protein diet could also help you lose weight

February 27th is celebrated as National Protein Day. The day aims to raise awareness of protein deficiency that affects many people in our country and to encourage people to include this macronutrient in their diet, sometimes referred to as the “building block of life”. You need protein to build muscle and to aid muscle recovery after all the wear and tear caused by very strenuous physical activity or training session. Protein also promotes the health of your skin, hair, and nails. Since it helps you get full, it also plays a crucial role in weight management. Several studies have shown that a high protein diet can lead to sustainable weight loss.

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1. Besan Cheela

It’s one of our favorite breakfasts, and we’re pretty sure that if you find a perfectly crispy cheela on your breakfast table, you can’t stop sipping either. Cheela is a crispy Indian crepe that can be made with a combination of flour or lentils. Besan is basically chickpea flour, with chickpeas being a very rich source of protein. You can combine your cheela with yogurt or cucumber, or drop it in as it is. Here is the recipe.

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Cheela is basically a hearty Indian crepe

2. Rajma Chawal

Yes, your favorite combination dish is a protein treasure. Rajma or kidney beans are full of high quality vegetable proteins. To top up all of the essential amino acids, it’s a good idea to combine them with rice. If you are concerned about the carbohydrates, you can go for the brown rice too. Here is our recipe for flavorful, soothing Rajma curry that will leave you craving for more.

3. Paneer Bhurji

This creamy and soothing dish of scrambled eggs, chili peppers and coriander is our favorite dish whenever we want something, tasty, tasty and light. The delicious side dish to roti, rice and curry, Paneer Bhurji, offers enough space for experiments. Here is our recipe.


Paneer Bhurji is a classic side dish

4. Moong Dal Khichdi

The nation’s most popular comfort meal, khichdi is essentially a stew meal that combines the goodness of dal, rice, and a few vegetables. While you can do it with a variety of dals, Moong Dal Khichdi remains a popular choice. Moong Dal is an excellent source of vegetable protein. 100 g moong contains around 22 g protein, according to the USDA. Click here for Moong Dal Khichdi’s recipe.

5. Chicken Shorba


This hearty stew made from chicken, lemon, and coriander is a real mood-enhancer. It’s a good thing that is so easy to do too. Chicken is known as a lean or high quality protein. It’s not that fatty compared to the red meat. Here is the recipe for the calming shorba.


This hearty stew made from chicken and mild spices

We wish you all a good protein day.

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