Right here Are 7 Evergreen Diwali Recipes To Impress Your Company


Diwali is the time of year when we celebrate the victory of light over darkness. A special feature of the big festival is to spoil us and our visitors with delicious food and sweets. There are many recipes that people follow on this day as a symbol of sharing happiness and benevolence. Many people invite their friends and colleagues to feast at home. In almost every household, the festival is preceded by a discussion about what to cook. From children to seniors, everyone is enjoying this discussion and enthusiastically contributing their suggestions.

Here is a finely curated list of evergreen recipes for you to add to the discussion. Prepare any or all of these dishes at home and spoil your family members and guests with delicious dishes this Diwali.

1. Ajwaini Chakli

Popularly known as muruku or chakli in Maharashtra, it is a crispy, round, all-day snack made from rice flour and fried in hot oil. Everyone likes it and it can be cooked in advance so you don’t have to spend time in the kitchen on Diwali.

Chakli are evergreen Diwali snacks

2. Zafrani Kaju Katli

What’s a Diwali without sweets? Quick and easy to prepare, everyone will like this Kaju Katli. While saffron is a powerful antioxidant and mood lift, cashew nuts are a great source of healthy fats and minerals.

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3. Moong Dal Samosa

This is a variant of the regular aloo samosa that you have enjoyed many times. The Moong Dal and the spices give it a spicy taste and are appreciated by the guests. Moong Dal is also easy to digest, so you won’t get the kind of gas and bloating that occurs with aloo samosa.

Samosas are loved by everyone

4. Shahi Tukda

Fried loaves of bread dipped in a thick mixture of milk and nuts – smacky and delicious. It’s a perfect dessert option for festivals like Diwali. Plus, it can be prepared within 45 minutes.

5. Mohanthal

A traditional Gujarati sweet, rich in flavor and casually melts in the mouth. Mohanthal is made with besan roasted in ghee and sugar and contains khoya, milk and nuts.


Delicious Diwali sweet mohanthal

6. Nariyal Barfi

Nariyal, or coconut barfi, is a must during Diwali. This popular candy is made from coconut, sugar, milk, and cardamom powder. We bet you just can’t stop at one!

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7. Dahi Bhalla

One of the most popular North Indian snacks, Dahi Bhalla, can be chilled in the refrigerator and then served. The street-style snack is sure to make guests ask for more. The bhallas are drizzled with sweetened quark, chutneys and chaat masala.

dahi bhalla

Dahi Bhalla is a Diwali favorite

Enjoy the festival of lights with these delicious recipes. Happy Diwali 2021!