Save 28% on a Circuit Health Deluxe Rowing Machine for Black Friday


If you’re looking for a fun, highly effective full-body workout, but don’t dare to venture out into wintry waters, we might have found the perfect Black Friday rowing machine deal for you.

The Circuit Fitness Deluxe foldable magnetic rowing machine is now selling on Amazon for $ 232, a 28% reduction from the regular price of $ 322.71, meaning you save an impressive $ 90.64. The Circuit Fitness rowing machine is designed to give you the best total body workout money can buy. The 11 pound flywheel uses a magnet system to resist pull from the handles. As a result, it is not only quieter, but also quieter than other rowing machines and relieves your joints for a consistently smooth feeling when rowing.

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It is important that any rowing machine you buy remains comfortable during a long workout. The Circuit Fitness rowing machine is characterized by a number of functions. First there is the seat, which is reinforced with durable injection-molded foam so that you can row easily and comfortably even during long training sessions. The handlebars are also covered with foam, which provides support and ensures that the grips do not slip out of your hands. The footrests are also reliable – with adjustable foot straps for improved grip and stability – and the sturdy frame of the device ensures that you can row without wobbling.

The Circuit Fitness rowing machine offers you 8 resistance levels with which you can adjust the strength of the flywheel pull for a harder workout. This allows you to target different parts of your body and increase your overall strength and endurance. All of these changes can be made by flipping a simple lever near your feet while rowing so that you can change your exercise intensity as you row.

The device is also equipped with an LCD display with which you can track all important training data such as speed, distance, time, calories burned, speed, date and temperature as well as the heart rate, if it is connected to a heart rate, monitor the chest strap.

The Circuit Fitness Deluxe foldable magnetic rowing machine also features a foldable design that allows you to lift and stow the 49-inch bar so it rests on top. The wheels are attached to the bottom, so stowing it away is the least of the hassle of using the machine. At this price and for its quality, this Black Friday rowing machine deal is some of the best we’ve seen, so we strongly encourage you to buy it now while it’s available!

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