The Greatest Important Oil Diffusers to Refresh Your Residence


For many, our homes have become all-in-one spaces over the past year, and it is understandable that we want to make it as comfortable and relaxing as possible. The scent plays a role in this. Whether a particular smell brings out happy memories or calms your nerves, aromatherapy is a popular approach to self-care for relaxation.

“The best way to use essential oils to relieve anxiety and stress is by inhaling,” Dawn Langley-Brady, RN, clinical aromatherapist and nursing teacher told Oprah Daily. Essential oil diffusers are a convenient way to release the scent of your favorite oils, permeate the air, while also providing a sense of calm – many of them also serve as beautiful decorative pieces.

“There are now a variety of diffusers, ranging from low-maintenance and innovative electric versions to intelligent and Alexa-compatible devices,” said Rae Ann Herman, Market Director of Oprah Daily.

Classic reed diffusers are a good readiness, she explains, especially because they don’t require any effort – just leave them in their jar and they’ll stay fragrant for months. Think of ultrasound types that mix water and essential oils together to create a fine mist as a hybrid between a humidifier and a diffuser. On the other hand, nebulization models only work with oil and deliver a stronger aroma, making them ideal for larger rooms. The latter two diffusers often have timer and auto-off features, while tech-friendly options let you control everything with a tap or swipe from your phone.

“You are all great, make your choice,” says Herman. “There is no right or wrong. It’s about what works in your space. With that in mind, here are some of her recommendations for the best essential oil diffusers to create your own sensory experience – there is something for every preference and aesthetic.