Three Methods To Make Stuff Idli: Make Scrumptious, Fulfilling Stuffed Idlis With These Straightforward Recipes


The round, fluffy and soft Idlis are everyone’s favorite! Just one bite in this dish, it gives joy, warmth and comfort to the soul. Although Idli is primarily South Indian cuisine, it’s not limited to this region; idlis can be found across the country and comes in all sorts of varieties that will make you enjoy it. So if you love Idlis as much as we do, then here are three recipes for filled Idlis that you would not only like to prepare, but would also like to feast on!

Filled Idlis are healthy and tasty. One bite in it gives you a whole new taste. Make these three types of filled idlis whenever you want to make something new and combine them with delicious chutneys.

Here are 3 filled idlis to take home:

1. Idlis vegetable soup

This delicious Idli is based on rice and Urad Dal, which is fermented first. For the filling of vegetable idli you need roasted kaju, blanched pistachios, chopped green and / and red peppers, cucumber masala and sliced ​​carrots. Mix this filling and season to your taste. Fill it in the middle of the batter and steam the idlis. For the full recipe click here.

2. Idlis filled with sooji

This idli is made by making a batter from sooji and curd cheese. Next, mash some boiled potatoes for the filling and add masalas of your choice. Finally, mix the Aloo Masala into the Idli batter and steam perfectly! You can find the full recipe here.

3. Cucumber Idli

Would you like to treat yourself to something healthy and low in calories? Then cucumber idlis are a must! Cucumber Idli is a simple breakfast recipe from Karnataka and the Konkani region. Cucumber idli is a delicious and refreshing dish that can be easily prepared with cucumber and suji. You can find the full recipe here.

Make these delicious idlis and let us know how you liked the taste!