Uninterested in eating corridor breakfast? Listed here are Three wholesome recipes to make in your dorm


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When classes went online last year, the traditional rush to dunkin ‘or the dining room for a quick bite and a cup of coffee was a chore. So I took an unorthodox morning routine and ran with it, making myself a nutritious, appetizing breakfast without leaving my Flint Hall floor.

It’s a routine I started in the spring semester. The convenient tunnel connecting Flint to the Graham Dining Center was exit-only, which meant I couldn’t re-enter the dormitory through the warm underpass. And not to mention the dining rooms were still take-out, so the idea of ​​getting up early, bundling up and grabbing food wasn’t a very enjoyable thought.

Instead, I packed Flint with fresh ingredients, filled my Safe Plug MicroFridge and structured a three-day breakfast cycle that I was able to prepare within 10 minutes of waking up. All I needed was a cup, a bowl, and a microwave.

Day 1: Old-fashioned oatmeal with fruits

That’s right, no one-minute oatmeal for this recipe. Using Quaker Oats’ wider shaped Old Fashioned Oats is well worth the extra minutes it takes in the microwave. They loosen up and rise almost perfectly in the cup, and when cooked at the right time they soak up the water perfectly to create a chewy consistency that isn’t too runny.


The first step is to measure 1/2 cup of oats into the cup. In my case, my mug was on the thinner side, but usually more than 1/2 cup will cause the oats to overflow in the microwave. And it can cause the oats to become way too damp, overcooked, and mushy before all of the water has been absorbed.

Maya Goosmann | Digital Design Director

Then I had to venture across the hall to the shared kitchenette on the floor. Along with my mug, I brought a selection of berries to rinse off – my preferences are blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries that I don’t have to chop. In my pockets I carried a measuring cup and salt.

I measured a cup of water and added it to the oatmeal, salted it, and microwaved it for 90 seconds (the kitchenette was 1000 watts; a lower wattage takes more time). After about a minute, I noticed the oats were starting to rise in the cup – something I had to be careful of to keep the oats from spilling in the microwave. At this point I paused the microwave for a few seconds so it could fall back down before restarting the timer. I repeated this a couple of times until they got up almost immediately or never went back down.

From there I poured the oats into my bowl, mixed them with the fresh berries, and sprinkled a few walnuts on top, if I had any. Combine that with a small cup of yogurt – Siggi is my favorite – and you have a classic porridge meal from the comfort of your dorm.

Maya Goosmann | Digital Design Director

Day 2: cereals

This is definitely an overlooked dorm breakfast. You don’t always need a hot and ready-made egg and cheese sandwich to get you ready for a morning of class. Just a bowl or a small cup, your favorite muesli and a little splash of milk – always muesli before milk – and you’re ready for the morning. This is not rocket science; Just make sure the milk hasn’t expired.

In fact, cereal day was the one I looked forward to the most. It served as a nice break from a trip to the microwave. But I still found ways to spice up this rather simple meal.

I tried one of my childhood favorites again, combining different brands and flavors. I got so spontaneous that I combined three cereals in my bowl. My favorite cereals were KIND Vanilla Blueberry, which reminds me of Rice Krispies minus the “Snap, Crackle, Pop”, KIND Peanut Butter Whole Grain Clusters and your standard Cheerios. Taking a handful of each was the right amount and I was able to enjoy it before the granola got too mushy.

Especially on days when I had class at 8 a.m., putting together a quick bowl was a lifesaver and, of course, a delicious way to get through a dreaded lecture.

Quick microwave eggs for breakfast in the dormitory

Maya Goosmann | Digital Design Director

Day 3: Scrambled eggs with spinach

The idea of ​​eggs in the microwave may sound pretty unsavory. Before I tried it last semester, I winced at the thought of my balls becoming extremely mushy and bland. At the same time, I was fascinated by the fact that eggs could cook thoroughly in the microwave, especially in a cup.

But after watching a Tasty video and seeing this egg boiling hack, I knew I had to try it. However, my version is a version of a scrambled egg pudding.

I hit two large eggs in my mug first and added salt and pepper before beating them together with a fork. Then I grabbed a small piece of baby spinach leaves and tore them into small pieces that combined well with my eggs without overwhelming them.

Then I poured enough milk to cover both the eggs and the spinach, which is about 3/4 cup, but it’s probably best to watch this stage. Adding enough milk will make the eggs fluffy in the microwave so they won’t boil over and dry out quickly. I stirred the mixture one last time, placed a bowl on top of the mug, and microwaved it for two minutes.


Like the oatmeal, the eggs have a tendency to rise out of the cup as they begin to form, creating a uniform blob of eggs in the same round shape as the cup. This usually happens about 90 seconds after the cooking process. As with the oatmeal, I would stop the timer and put the eggs back in the mug.

Although the top of the eggs was pretty much done by this point, I let them cook for almost the full two minutes so the bottom didn’t get too wet. Once the eggs are at the top of the mug, this is another good indicator that they are completely set.

I immediately took my fork and destroyed the eggs in it. I prefer larger pieces of ice in my scrambled eggs so I haven’t damaged the initial cylindrical egg shape too much.

From there, you can eat it straight out of the cup or place it on a plate or bread before topping it off with optional bagel seasoning. Nonetheless, this is still a tasty and easy way to prepare a great tasting meal without leaving your room.