Up to date latkes recipes make Hanukkah celebrations much more magical


During the eight nights of Hanukkah, latkes fill the table. While Grandma has her tried-and-true recipe, updated latkes recipes could make traditional Jewish holiday food a bigger celebration.

As with many holidays, food is often the focus of the event. As many chefs and culinary personalities have said, the table is the meeting point where the universal language is the reward on the plate. Whether it is a safe space or a willingness to be open, these moments can be cherished long after the hunger is satisfied.

Although many holidays have their specific food associations, the reason latkes are on the table during Hanukkah is pretty straightforward. The dish is designed to remind the celebrants of the miracle of oil, which is at the center of the Hanukkah festival.

Latkes are usually fried in oil. When the potato pancakes get crispy in the oil, the message is other than just a tasty bite. A perfectly fried latke can be magical, but it is also an expression of perseverance.

Of course, the classic latkes recipe will always be a favorite. Grandma may have her special secret that leads a lot of people to pass the trick on. There are a few tweaks and twists that chefs have made over the years. Given that there are eight nights of partying, one night might have some updated latkes recipes.

Adam Richman added a small healthy eating component to his latkes. While the popular chef and food TV personality recommends using a small grater instead of a food processor, this isn’t the only technique that is part of his mom’s latkes recipe.

In his mother’s latkes recipe, Richman suggests swapping out grated zucchini squash or even grated cauliflower for all potatoes. Fried in oil is not a healthy diet, but it increases the amount of vegetables in the traditional dish.

Richard Blais and Nyesha Arrington shared their Next Level Latkes recipes. From sweet potato swaps to strong spices, the grated potatoes can take on different flavors.

Whether it’s part of the Hanukkah celebrations or just wanting to try a delicious bite, updated latkes recipes could be a new eating tradition that could be the magical bite that brings people back for more.