Bread Upma, Bread Poha And Extra: 5 Desi Bread-Based mostly Breakfast Recipes


We cannot imagine our meals without bread, especially if you are having an Indian meal. Still, it’s one of the most underrated foods. Bread is a versatile food indeed – it has practically no strong taste, but when combined with something it enhances the taste of the meal! Take a sandwich for example – cucumber coated in green chutney doesn’t sound appetizing, but when the same filling is placed in the bread (or bun) it becomes a delicious breakfast treat! Bread is so amazing and versatile. The best part is that bread also easily fits into our daily Desi breakfast! How do you ask Here we have 5 classic Desi breakfast recipes made with bread. As well as being delicious, these are some of our breakfast staples too!

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Easy Breakfast Recipes: Here Are 5 Desi Breakfast Recipes With Bread | 5 bread-based Desi breakfast recipes:

1. Bread Poha

Poha is a classic desi breakfast in our Indian homes. But what to do if you don’t have flaky rice at home? You make bread poha! With this super-fast recipe, you can make a delicious and heavy breakfast in no time at all.

Click here for the recipe for Bread Poha.

2. Bread Upma

The ultimate South Indian breakfast has got a bready touch. This bread upma recipe is very similar to the usual upma recipe and doesn’t require a lot of preparation. The main ingredient of Upma, Rava / Sooji, is replaced by bread!

Click here for the Bread Upma recipe.

Bread chilla makes a delicious breakfast.

3. Bread

Bread chilla is very easy to prepare, all you need is besan, masala, vegetables and you’re good to go! With ingredients readily available, you can have a delicious, hassle-free breakfast in no time. Combine it with green chutney for maximum enjoyment.

Click here for the Bread Chilla recipe.

4.Sooji toast

This nutritious and healthy breakfast has the goodness of sooji and the crispness of bread. Some might argue that Sooji Toast is the eggless version of French toast, it tastes so good! You can easily whip up sooji toast in the morning.

Click here for the Sooji Toast recipe.

Bread tadka is spicy and masaledaar.

5. Tadka bread

If you are a fan of spicy food then this dish is for you! Tadka bread is a spicy and tasty dish that is coated with masala. Crispy pieces of bread are fried with onions, tomatoes, green chillies and yogurt for a delicious breakfast.

Click here for the recipe of tadka bread.

Try these recipes and let us know in the comments how you liked them.