Listed below are two scrumptious and wholesome potato based mostly recipes


Chef Adriana Urbina shares two tasty and healthy recipes that maximize the protagonist ingredient in this episode — the potato!

video transcript

ADRIANA URBINA: Hi. I’m Adriana Urbina, and welcome to In The Know, Zero Waste Kitchen where I’m going to share with you tips, tricks, and how to maximize your ingredients. One recipe that it’s really, really special for me it’s potato peel chips. First thing, you’re going to want to clean them very well. You’re going to dry them very well. We’re going to put them in a bowl, garlic powder, a little bit of smoked paprika. In the meantime, I have my oil heating up. I’m going to do it in three rounds. Once they start getting golden brown, that’s when they’re ready. And it will last for three days. Yuccas for me and potatoes go so well together, so we’re making one of my favorite, favorite recipes– Yucca latkes. We’re going to put our yucca potatoes. I’m going to add red onions or white onions. [WHIRRING] You’re going to need a clean kitchen towel and just squeeze. I’m going to save this. All your veggies in. I’m going to add the flour. I’m going to add salt and cilantro. We’re going to mix all this together. We’re going to add a little bit of oil. Don’t put too many. Flip them. lime zest. Our aji amarillo sauce, a little bit of olive oil, lemon juice, and salt. Mix in. So there you have it. For more recipes like this, be sure to check out See you next time. [MUSIC PLAYING]