Planet Health Prepared or Subsequent Week


As restrictions begin to ease, upcoming Sunday officials from Planet Fitness at Nittany Mall in College Township say they are excited and ready to let more customers into the club.

Currently they say they have 50 percent capacity, which allows 253 people.

If they can go up to 75 percent, they can have up to 386 customers.

Despite the capacity expansion, officials do not anticipate a full house as they have sometimes done in other locations.

Planet Fitness urges its club members to wipe and clean exercise equipment before and after use in addition to the applicable guidelines for wearing masks.

Customers who walk in are using every other machine, which means the machine next to them is marked with a sign stating that social distancing guidelines prevent it from being used.

“Last year we had problems enforcing masks. Obviously, it is not very convenient when you are exercising. And people have strong feelings. But we have so many members who are very grateful that we are
So strictly obey everything and try to protect them so that they can move forward and we can keep staying open. “

Officials say they have been fortunate to have a steady flow of customers over the past year, with other similar companies seeing a decline in their customer base.