Wholesome, flavorful recipes from Goldring Middle for Culinary Medication are match for Thanksgiving


Tulane’s Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine offers healthy, tasty recipes with festive fall flavors like caramelized fennel and spaghetti squash and hearty cornbread dressing. (Photos by Caroline Nolan; artwork by Kim Rainey)

This year many of us will return to more traditional Thanksgiving gatherings with family and friends. While going back to some of our old favorites will be wonderful, it can also be a good time to create a new tradition with a fun new side dish.

Tulane’s Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine offers many recipes with festive autumn flavors, such as a spaghetti and squash dish, which is a perfect addition to a Thanksgiving meal, but can also be used as a low-calorie, flavorful vegetable side dish throughout the season. The center also takes its lightened cornbread muffins and turns them into a hearty dressing with multiple variations to suit everyone’s taste preferences – including a seasonal sausage, pecan, and cranberry version, and even a Creole shrimp option for seafood lovers.

Check out these recipes suitable for a holiday menu:

Caramelized fennel and spaghetti squash

Cornbread Dressing

Reference Recipes: Homemade Corn Bread Muffins | Salt-free creole spice

More gold ring recipes that go well with Thanksgiving or holiday menus:

Butternut Squash Mac n ‘Cheese

Butternut squash and sweet potato casserole

Lemon-fried asparagus

pureed sweet potatoes

Roasted winter vegetables

Recipes courtesy of Chef Heather Nace, RD, LDN, and the Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine. The Goldring Center was founded in 2012 as the first teaching kitchen within a medical faculty and has thus established itself as a pioneer in the culinary medicine movement. As part of the Tulane School of Medicine, the Goldring Center’s mission is to educate and train future physicians to understand and apply nutritional principles practically. The center also offers medical training courses for healthcare professionals, as well as free nutritional cooking classes for members of the community.