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Are you looking for healthy holiday recipes for this year’s celebrations?

Even if it can be a bit more demanding nowadays, we have long had a tradition of eating with family and friends during the holidays.

It is more important than ever to meet and laugh, hug, communicate, and share meals.

However, many holiday foods often include a variety of rich, hearty foods, creamy dips, and fried foods. These foods taste great, but they don’t always give our bodies its best.

Is it even possible to eat healthy on vacation? Is there a healthy Christmas dinner? The answer is a resounding “yes!”

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Here are 5 healthy vacation recipes with good ingredients to share with your family friends.

1. Potato dishes

A potato dish can be prepared with sweet or purple potatoes instead of white potatoes. Use a high-quality organic butter, or use organic ghee or organic coconut oil as a healthy fat for mashed potatoes or when baking french fries.

Sweet potatoes are delicious and high in fiber and beta-carotene.

Colorful potatoes are loaded with antioxidants, much more than white potatoes. Antioxidants are the color pigments in food, so plant-based foods with bright colors are extremely high in antioxidants.

Antioxidants also counteract free radical attack.

My kids always asked me to make my purple mashed potatoes when they had friends for dinner because they thought it would be fun. Nowadays my grandson often asks if we eat purple potatoes when I come to visit.

So this year I encourage you to prepare delicious and extraordinary food for the holidays that is also healthy!

2. Healthy filling

Try making a filling with organic sprouted rice or even wild rice. Then, instead of cooking your filling in the turkey, where it can absorb a large amount of saturated fat from the meat, bake your filling in a separate bowl.

Use vegetable broth instead of chicken broth.

If you do both, vegetarian or vegan guests can also enjoy this dish.

When making corn bread filling, buy the non-GMO, organic corn flour that is Bt toxin free. The filling can be gluten free if you use gluten free corn flour.

If you’re feeling brave, try blue corn flour, which is about 30% more protein and contains more zinc and iron than white or yellow corn.

3. Creature food

Whether beef, lamb, pork, poultry, or fish, try some orange juice and coconut oil to add moisture. Also, try to bake it instead of frying it.

When baking, frying or sautéing something, use pure organic coconut oil instead of lard, vegetable oil or a trans fat like Crisco. Coconut oil can handle heat well and has fantastic health benefits.

You can also grill them, grill them, or sauté them in a little coconut oil. After you have taken them off the stove, you can drizzle them with pure organic extra virgin olive oil and possibly top up with a little lemon or lime juice or a lemon or lime juice vinaigrette.

When eating, choose white cuts of skinless meat, then just add a tiny bit of sauce.

4. Dessert

Try making a pumpkin pie! You can make a wholegrain germ crust yourself or you can find a wholegrain ready-to-eat crust in the shop and use my cashew cream recipe as whipped cream for the topping. (The recipe can be found on page 185 of the second edition of “How to Become a Healthy Vegetarian.”)

I also love having a simple, seedless date as a sweet treat or dessert. It’s just fruit and it’s a healthier choice.

Try non-dairy milk (or if you’re lucky enough to be near an organic raw goat or cow milk farm, that’s healthier too) in your recipes or for your creamer.

If you want it sweeter, puree the milk (like the organic, unsweetened, vanilla coconut or hemp milk) with a little extra vanilla or maple extract in a blender and add some pitted dates.

I soak the dates in water so that they are softer, so that they are easier to put on and voilà! You have a healthier version of a sweet Christmas cream for your coffee or desserts!

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5. Snacks

When preparing or serving snacks, try a simple dip option like a healthy high protein hummus or nutritious guacamole. Slicing some cucumber, red pepper, or celery to use as dip chips is great choices too!

I often cut and serve fresh green beans with a little mineral-rich salt on top and serve them as finger food bites. I like to eat them alone with the mineral-rich salt, but green beans also go well with hummus, bean or onion dip.

Green beans have some amazing health benefits and this is one of my favorite ways to serve them.

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Green beans are high in orthosilicic acid, a natural substance found in seafood, certain mineral waters, vegetables, whole grains, and certain beverages (including beer).

Orthosilicic acid is sometimes referred to as soluble silica. Orthosilicic acid is a dietary form of silicon. Silicon is a mineral that is involved in the formation of collagen and bones. It can help detoxify the body (from aluminum) and also help build strong bones.

If you’re looking to serve crackers or chips, try the whole grain, seedling, organic version, or an organic sweet potato chip or cracker.

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(Late July is a good brand for chips, and Mary’s Gone Cracker’s is my favorite cracker these days. Mary’s Gone Crackers also has delicious gluten-free crackers.)

For extra snacks that are easy to travel with or on the go, try combinations of organic, sprouted nuts, sprouted seeds, olives, pitted dates, raisins, dried fruit, kale chips, and coconut chips.

For healthier Christmas recipes, here are 3 simple alternatives that I use frequently:

1. Unsweetened yogurt or cottage cheese instead of sour cream.

2. Hummus or avocado puree instead of mayonnaise for sandwiches.

3. Unsweetened vanilla coconut or hemp milk instead of dairy products.

With these ingredient substitutions, you can continue to enjoy all of the delicious flavors you love while increasing your health benefits at the same time.

Eating this way can keep you feeling and looking good during vacation activities well into January. Instead of regretting what you ate, you’ll be radiantly healthy as you greet the New Year 2022!

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